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[Fanfiction] Addiction

Wrote up this little one-shot for my new Albedo x Ben community, itisnt_selfcest. I tried to make this a drabble, but I am incapable of writing anything 100 words or less, so this became a short one-shot instead. ^^;

Also, this song fits this fic quite well. Used it for inspiration. ;D

Title: Addiction
Fandom: Ben 10 Alien Force
Characters/Pairings: Albedo, Ben, small mention of Azmuth; one sided Albedo/Ben
Rating: PG-13 for creepiness.
Warnings: Stalker!Albedo, vague mentions of sex/rape.
Disclaimer: Ben 10 does not belong to me; it belongs to Man of Action.

Read it HERE @ untamed_muse
Or HERE @ Fanfiction.net

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