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Naruto → Hidan; bow

[Icons] Lil' late Christmas presents for you all.


I made almost all of these last night, rofl. XD I'm in a huge icon-making mood right now! But because it's still sort of the Christmas season and I want to make more...

I AM TAKING REQUESTS AND MAKING GIFT ICONS!!!! ♥ Just supply me the image or images you want icon'd and I'll try my best and make some icons for you. :3

Naruto → 26
Soul Eater → 5
Gift Icons (All Soul Eater) → 7
TOTAL → 38

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Disclaimer: I did not create any of the images used in these icons. I did not draw any of the fanarts. If any image I used offends the original creator of that image I will gladly take down that icon or icons.

Credit is not needed, but comments and feedback are love! ♥